Kim and I have commented to one another at how great it is to have a smartphone app like YouVersion’s Bible app. It is wonderful to always have the Bible with you.  We have both said, we read our Bible more than ever because we are never without it.

Bible-App-SmartphoneSo it only makes sense to use a smartphone app at church as well. The Bible is the Bible whether it is in an analogue version, projected on to a screen or in a digital format on a phone or tablet. Some people still like the paper version in all its leather bound goodness and I understand that. But it’s all good if it gets us reading our Bible. That is the bottom line.

And now, thanks to an individual in our church, you can follow along with the weekly Sunday morning sermon notes on your smartphone or tablet too. So you can toggle between your favourite Bible app and the sermon outline as you listen to the sermon. Then, if you email yourself the sermon notes from within the app, you can save them for later reference.

The sermon notes app is available to you at The QR code is also on the back page of the Westheights Weekly each Sunday.