Week 4 – Preparation for Your Own Psalm (March 14)

psalm 4STUDY

Read Psalm 4.

Remember that cue card or piece of paper where you wrote those verses to remember every morning? On the other side, write down verse 8 of this Psalm, “In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, O Lord, will keep me safe.” Now you have a verse to remember before you sleep as well as one for when you wake.


Let’s prepare to write our own Psalm. Today we’ll start with some thoughts, and then tomorrow we will put them together into our very own Psalm. We will break this “personal” Psalm into three parts: 1) thanksgiving; 2) concern; 3) an expression of trust.

1. Jot some items of thankfulness to God to include in your Psalm …

2. Jot some items of concern, frustration, stress or fear that you would like to talk to God about in your Psalm. Remember God requires your honesty. He does not want fancy, eloquent words that sound spiritual. He wants your heart …

Tomorrow we will work on this some more. Don’t forget to refer to your Prayer Journal.