Week 5 Narrative – David and Goliath (March 19)


Let’s review one of the most popular stories in the Bible. Most of us have heard this story over and over again, but let’s try to read it again like it’s the first time. Read 1 Samuel 17:1-51


This example of narrative has all the elements that would make a great modern day movie. It has suspense, action and violence, and best of all, the underdog wins! But why is this story among the many others in the Bible? What does God want us to learn from this story?

1. What did David do right?

2. What does this story tell us about trusting in God?

3. Are there examples in your life where you can apply this story? Are there “Goliaths” in your life?

4. Are there giants that you have defeated with God’s help?

5. Are there any giants you are facing now? Does this story give you an example of how to face them?

6. Use your Prayer Journal to write down the things you thank God for and those challenges where you need His help.