Week 5 Narrative – Daniel in the Lion’s Den (March 20)


This week we are really bringing back the classics. Here is another popular story. Let’s read it for the first time again. Read Daniel 6.

Peter Paul Rubens: Daniel in the Lion’s Den circa 1615


Let’s consider again why this story is in the Bible. What can we learn from it?

  1. Does this story teach us that we should pray publicly for all to see? Consider the greater context of the Bible (Matthew 6:5-6).
  2. What did Daniel do right?
  3. What does this story tell us about trusting in God?
  4. Is there anything in your life that you can compare with Daniel’s actions?
  5. Are there any times in your life where you can thank God for rescuing you when you did what was right no matter what the cost?
  6. Are there examples in your life where this story challenges you to do what is right?
  7. Refer to your Prayer Journal.