We prayed that the presence of God would inspire, encourage, rescue, change lives…And then together on a sunny Palm Sunday we worshiped our King and Saviour, and invited the residents of Forest Heights and their families to join in!

Here are some photos of our joy-filled event…Some of the children mentioned that they were starting to recognize residents–not surprising, at our 8th Westheights Kids event at Forest Heights–and from the many thanks, comments, smiles and hugs both given and received, it seemed that the love and inter-generational ministry was an uplifting experience for all.

I am always amazed at the way kids embrace outward expressions of their worship–the creative arts, serving with their gifts, enjoying life together and meeting the needs of others. The Sr and Jr High students and SK- Grade 5 children crafted, read, dramatized, wrote and presented mini-sermons, choreographed, danced, played instruments, ushered, moved, sang and led–for His glory! What a mission.¬†Many thanks to all of them for their hard work at rehearsals, and their preparation at home. And to all of their incredibly supportive parents: thanks for shuttling them to practices, practising hymns at home, and encouraging them to love their neighbours!