Traditionally, Summer is the time when we change up our routines and activities. Often we find time to relax, or at the very least, spend our energy on other interests. We enjoy the sun, the outdoors, and a sense of relaxation. This change in routine can mean that habits we do during the year are lost in the shuffle of our adventures and excitement. During the summer, programming at Westheights takes a different flavour, but Summer ministry, and planning for the Fall is an active focus of ministry staff.

GivingCommonly, church giving is down during the summer as families are away or thinking of other things. At Westheights we understand that giving is a response to God’s leading. Sometimes taking a break is where God leads. It may be that our change in routine makes it more difficult to meet the commitments you have set for yourself. I just want to remind you of a few options that you could use if you were trying to plan your Summer giving as you are planning your vacation.

1. You can write post-dated cheques and drop them in the offering plate. Post-dated cheques won’t be cashed until the date written on the cheque. This is a good option if you are away for a week or two.
2. You can sign up for direct withdrawals for a short time. Direct withdrawals occur on the 15th and 30th of each month. You can sign off for regular ongoing donations, or just donations for a set time period.
3. You can donate by credit card online through This is a convenient way to donate, but you should know that the church does pay a service fee for credit card donations, the same way that the gas station or store does. The convenience of this option is that you can donate any time, for any amount. CanadaHelps will issue the donation receipt, but the money is sent to Westheights.
Donate to Westheights through CanadaHelps at:

As Treasurer, I am continually amazed at the response and commitment people have to giving to the work that God is doing in the Westheights Community. Thank you all – you give financially, in your hours of volunteering, and your prayers for God’s work to be done.

Have a great summer.

John van Dijk