Our final Jr. High Red vs. Blue will be on June 14th, and it’s going to feature a life-size game of Angry Birds. We always want to end our school year in style and this year that style is ANGRY BIRDS! Red Vs. Blue is a year-long competition where you are pitted head-to-head against your friends in classic messy games, zany puzzles, and get to dole-out awesome punishments on your leaders. As of right now, the Red team is leading the Blue team 54-20 but our final event is worth double points in all rounds so anything can happen! Some prizes include computer glasses for eyeball safety, a new computer mouse and a mouse pad.

Our last event for the school year will be a life-sized recreation of the mobile video game Angry Birds, where teams will flip, trying to defend their castle and knocking the other team down. To do this we needed a bigger venue, so we’ll be meeting in the gym at Westheights Public School. Red vs. Blue is free, and there will be lots of good food too!

When: Friday June 14th, 2013 6:30-8:30PM

Where: Westheights Public School