In just over one week’s time I will be travelling to the continent of Africa. Please pray for me as I travel to Nakuru, Kenya in Africa from July 1-10. We will arrive in Nairobi on July 2nd and the following day we will be travelling 160 km to Nakuru, the third largest city in Kenya. In Nakuru, we are going to participate in a Pastors Conference and teach workshops for the BIC churches of the region and provide training in pastoral leadership. As well, I have been invited to preach at the Sunday services in Nairobi. A full itinerary of our travels is listed below.Africa

Please pray that we are safe in our travels. In light of the purpose of ministering to the Kenyan church, please pray that we do not get sick and that we have the strength to fulfill our duties at the conference and at the church services. Pray for my wife Kim as she is home alone for ten days (our kids are gone to camp Kahquah for the summer).

I have put prayer cards in your church mail files to help remind you to pray for our team during this upcoming ministry assignment.


Monday, July 1 – Depart 6 pm

Tuesday, July 2 – Arrive 6 pm

Wednesday, July 3 – Travel to Nakuru

Thursday, July 4 – Pastor’s Conference

Friday, July 5 – Pastor’s Conference

Saturday, July 6 – Safari

Sunday, July 7 – Church services in Nairobi

Monday, July 8 – Visit local churches and schools

Tuesday, July 9 – Tour Kibera slum in Nairobi

Wednesday, July 10 – Arrive home

Team: Krista Hesselink (Coordinator), Todd Lester, Charlie Mashinter, Becky Mashinter