Hopefully, you are thinking about a cool name for your Ride for Refuge team, right?!

You might be looking for inspiration to get your gears turning, your spokes rotating, your thoughts in motion 🙂

There are over 400 teams registered for this year’s Ride, and things are just getting started…

I looked through some of the team names and have listed a few of them below to hopefully stimulate your creative thought processes!

ride_photo (4) 300x166A Few Team Names:

  • AwanaGoFast
  • Blue Raiders
  • Captain Crunch and the Cereal Killers
  • Chain Breakers
  • FACinating FINatics
  • Gearheads
  • Global Gears
  • Holy Rollers
  • Masters of Disaster
  • Miles for Smiles
  • Pebbles Team One
  • Rarin’ to Ride
  • Relentless Riders
  • Road Rascals
  • Road Rash
  • Rock N Roll On
  • Rollin’ Donuts
  • Sir Bikes a Lot
  • Slick and the Crew
  • Sprocket Rockets
  • Steinmann Steamrollers!
  • Stellar Sanctuary Spinners
  • Team Traffic Jam
  • The Cyclopaths
  • The Mad Peddlers
  • The Rockets
  • The Sister Chicks!
  • The Wheel Thing
  • THP Glory Riders
  • Tricycles
  • Two Tired
  • Victory Roadsters

R4R ride_photo (26) 300x166How’s that? Does it help? Want a few more?

  • Cambodia Cruisers
  • Creekside Crankers
  • End (the Cycle of) Slavery!
  • Friends of Team Beyond
  • Glencairn Cyclones
  • iRIDErs
  • Partners in Gear
  • Peace Pedallers
  • Pedal for Purpose
  • Ratanak’s Fearless Freedom Riders
  • Ride 2 Hope
  • Riehl’s in Motion
  • Rode to Recovery
  • The Discycles
  • Wings on Wheels

No, you cannot use any of those names. Each team needs to have a unique name (nice try!)

If you want to create a team for this year’s Ride on Sat Oct 5th, please let me know and I’ll get you started.

Looking forward to the Ride!

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