And we’re off! On Your Mark! kicked off the fall by plunging into–What could be better?–greaterthings. Isn’t that the vision that we all have for our children? That they would do greaterthings in the name of Christ.

On Sunday, we spent some time ooooing and ahhhhing over the unparalleled work of our Great Designer–the King of Creation. And what a worthy king! We talked about the unique position of earthly kings–their power and popularity, their kingdoms and subjects. Even the animal kingdom has its mighty! Which leads us to a special story, and the special position, power and authority bestowed upon two ordinary boys and two ordinary girls, once upon a time…

Click on the image below and be inspired!

And what if? What if…this story is a story about the truth found in Scripture, that we are indeed like Kings and Queens, commissioned by the Great Emperor-Beyond-the-Sea–and His Untamed Son–to rule over the kingdom and care for it in His stead?

Ah, such merry-making as we recognized our roles in the Kingdom of God! Crowns were made for all…And if your child refers to him or herself as King Aiden or Queen Sarah, you’ll know you’re in the presence of royalty!

Please join us from your homes over the next 10 weeks as we learn about our royal responsibilities when it comes to caretaking: caring for the Earth, the world, our relationships, our time, our stuff, our gifts and talents, our stories…So much to do and so many exciting adventures to embark upon…May we take our positions cheerfully, empowered by the Holy Spirit and following our Lord ever so closely!

I am sending you this note, parents, as an invitation, because there is something crucial you can do that we can’t:

The King has given us commands!  “Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” (Deut. 6:7) Huzzah!