Okay, well, it’s more than etiquette! We’re always working to ensure that our kids are as safe as possible, and that means carefully considering everything a child may do on a Sunday morning… including going to the washroom.


We’d like to get the word out to the entire church that the downstairs washrooms are for children’s use only–Grade 5 and under.

toilet paper

Adults are expected to use the upstairs washrooms on Sunday mornings. Junior and Senior High students should be using the upstairs washrooms as well (or the washrooms located in the Office Complex, where Junior High takes place).


Of course, leaders in the children’s programs who need a quick washroom break can check the basement washrooms and use them quickly if there are no children already using them. There will be a hall monitor supervising as well. If you are available to help out as a hall monitor, please contact Charlene Neuman.


Thank you for your cooperation! Keeping our kids safe is a huge priority at Westheights and we know you’ll do your part.