RedvsBlue-Promo-Fall-2013-blogIf you’ve ever wondered what colour is better, deep cherry red or cool ocean blue, then wonder no more! An epic battle has been waged since the dawn of the colour TV and once again, the battlefield will be littered with balloons and streamers of the most primary of colour clashes. Our games can be a bit messy, so wear clothes you’re not hoping to take you’re mom to dinner in.

Jr. Highs, come out this Friday from 7-8:30PM for an hour and half packed with wild competitions of featuring the stickiest stuff and tackiest tack you’ve ever felt. Be ready to get messy,have a great time, and maybe never forget the things you ate!


What: An epic night of games, snacks, and gooey surprises!

When: Friday, Sept. 2oth from 7-8:30pm

Where: Westheights Community Church

How much? IT’S FREE!