Tiny Talent Time

Okay, so some of you are too young to laugh at the memory of that local broadcast show–with original host, Bill Lawrence no less!–that I eagerly watched on CHCH-TV when I was a starry-eyed kindergartener! (Can you believe that show ran for 4 decades? I make the point so that no one can guess my age. )

The big news is that new laughs and big cheers were happening on Sunday at Westheights’ own game show, What’s My Talent?–featuring the incredible antics of some of our On Your Mark! leaders. Contestants included a unicyclist, a classical ballet dancer, a people-booster, a Globetrotter, a resident Fly Lady, a Lego RC master, and a rip-roaring comedian…Incredible! I seriously wish you all could have seen it.

The kids were invited to try to determine their own talents: What do I like? What do I really like? What do I do well? What do other people say I do well?

–and to recognize the Giver of Talents, by giving our talents back to Him!

We talked about how, like time, talents can control us, if we pursue them passionately, but without God’s guidance. And how talents can go to our growing little heads, if we become proud and forget to give all the Wow!! to the Giver. So easy to do, but bad stewardship of good talents!

This week, your assignment, should you choose to accept it…:-)

Have your child(ren) guess what your talents are. Tell him/her/them how you steward them by giving them back to God…What does that look like?

Is it acknowledging His presence with an “all for You” attitude while you participate or perform? Is it thanking Him for your gifts and talents? Is it asking Him for guidance on where and how to participate and perform? Is it by using your talents in your community, to bring care, encouragement or beauty into the world?

If this is something you’ve never thought of, or something you’re struggling with, be real about where you’re at…As your child discovers his/her talents, walk through the everyday with all this in mind…

...”Talk about [it] when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” (Deut. 6:7)