I am excited to be a part of Greater Things! Thanks to Mimi, I was quickly thrust into this role, but I am happy to be a part of the Westheights blogging community!

Over the next several weeks these blogs will be about real life practical ways that you can save some $ at home. So let’s get started!

Meal Planning 101

I want to start with this topic as it is something that I recently found out confounds a lot of people. We all want to do the best for our family but let’s be honest, planning and executing meals on a daily basis can be exhausting and the idea of doing it daunting. I briefly touched on this topic in my own blog http://littletipofthis.com. On here I will get more into the process of the actual construction of meals; please visit my blog to see how I tackle the grocery shopping : )

My meal planning is done on the Thursday night when I work on my shopping list; the flyers are delivered on Thursday (as far as I know this is the same across the region) and I shop on Friday. I will compile my weekly meals based on what is on sale and what I currently have in my fridge and pantry. This reduces food waste (using what you already have) and saves you money (not as many groceries to purchase). Win-Win!! Avoid also bad credit unsecured loans instant decision.

I will give you a small sample of my meals from this past week as an example.

TUESDAYGrilled Steak and Salad with Bread – please click here to get the details of this meal and the recipe for quick dinner rolls (you can make these in approx. 20 minutes!).

Breakdown of Costs:

Steaks (3 pk) $8.60
Lettuce (Romaine Hearts 3 pk) $1.97
Tomato (from previous week still in fridge) approx $0.30
Cucumber $0.97
Dinner Rolls (homemade)

Total meal cost = $11.84 (and there was leftovers!)

THURSDAYRed Beans and Rice – I have included the recipe for this meal (click here) and it could be left as a vegetarian meal or you can add bacon if you prefer; my family has eaten it both ways and enjoyed them equally. It is not only inexpensive but a very nutritious and hearty meal

Red Beans and Rice

I admit it is not the most visually appealing meal but it does taste good!

Breakdown of costs:

Rice (2kg bag) $3.47 only used 1 – 1/3 cups approx $0.36
Red Kidney Beans (2 cans) $1.56
Green Pepper (1 med sz) $0.24
Onion (already had in pantry, let’s just say really cheap) approx. $0.10
Corn Kernels (from my parent’s garden cooked removed from cob and frozen) FREE!

Total Meal Cost =$2.26 for a family of five (once again there were leftovers!)

Keep in mind that for costs that I was unsure of, I broke down the cost as best as I could (ie. onions are sold by the bag by weight) so prices are approximates, but you get the idea.

Please let me know your thoughts and question.

Until next time.