By Julie LaMarche

For the last month or so, I’ve had a bill for a substantial amount, and, in order to pay it, I decided I would go with absolutely no extras in order to pay it in two months.

With determination I thought, “I’m not going to avoid this, I will pay it. I’m just going to do it.” I didn’t ask God to pay it for me, I just told God I would do my best.

Paid balanceThen I called the company to make arrangements to pay it and, to my surprise, they told me I have a credit that would cover the amount! Plus a little bit more!

“Are you sure?” I said to the woman on the phone. I thought, “This is not a coincidence, it’s a God-incidence!”

“Yes,” she said.

I said to her, “I guess I’ve been blessed.”

She said, “Yes, you have been blessed!”

You should have seen me! I was shocked!

So I don’t have this hanging over my head any more. God paid it for me! I was totally blown away!

…You know I’ve realized that, over the years, I’ve never had to go without anything essential, God always provides. Every day I thank him; He provides more than I need. It’s not just money; it’s everything in my life!

I haven’t always been a tithing person, but I live generously. What’s at hand is what’s important to do. God knows your heart. And, God blesses us even if we aren’t perfect! Even if we mess up! He just wants to show us that he loves us. He winks at us when we don’t expect it. That’s how I feel. He didn’t do this because I’m perfect; He did it because He loves me.