Many of my family’s clothing items and even an occasional household item or two comes from the thrift store. I am also a frequent user of Kijiji. In this post I will show you how to get the most bang for your buck while shopping at the Thrift Store and/or on Kijiji. Let’s get started!

Thrift Store Shopping

Want to rock some tags but only have $20 in your pocket? My kids enjoy that song (not the original version of course) but I am not sure the younger two really appreciate the message as well as some adults. I am a Thrift Store shopper and I love it!

I actually visited my Thrift Store of choice this past week, Talize (click here to learn more). I am not sure how many of you visit Thrift Stores or, if you do, when your last visit was but I urge you to visit Talize; it is clean, organized and they say that over 6000 items are placed on the floor each day! I have introduced many friends and family to this store. The website also includes a place where you can post “thrift haul” videos of your finds at Talize (I am planning on doing this at some point.)

Talize receiptAnyhow let me walk you through how you can save even more at the Thrift Store! At Talize they label the items with various coloured tags, each day a certain tag colour is 50% off. I go there and aim to find as many items that are on my list with a 50% off tag! This is awesome because everything is already really inexpensive.

So here is my receipt from this past week. My daughter needed a few extra items of clothing (I noticed things were a little tight and short on her while she was walking to school the other day), Anyway, I budgeted to spend no more than $20; as you can see, I was under budget! Whoo hooo! As I mentioned previously, I try to search for the 50% off tags (on that day they were pink). Out of the eight items I purchased, six of them were 50% off, which resulted in a savings of $11.44. My total purchase was $17.30; three of those items were brand new (you can tell when there is no wear or sometimes original tags are still left on).

Under total there is a section at the end of the bill for Talize Points. It’s free to join and you receive a points card and key chain card. Every tag shows how many  points you get for that item, and:

$1 spent = 20 points earned
rewards points = $1 off your purchase.

I have saved a few additional bucks this way also. Please note that you do not receive points on any items that are 50% off.

Other Great Things about The Thrift Store

• They periodically will have days that are double tag 50% off and entire store 50% off;

• Make sure you have brought any items you want to donate along with you and place it in the box outside before you head into the store; and

• You can often find that really expensive child’s toy that was popular last December now gently used and oh so much cheaper.

• And, every item donated or purchased helps support Children’s Wish Foundation.

Can you tell I love this place?!


Most people already know how to negotiate Kijiji, so I will just add a few tips.

• I often let a poster know that I am working within a certain budget and will ask them if they are willing to accept a lower amount (e.g. $20 instead of their asking price of $30);

• Don’t be afraid to ask about the details of an item if it has not been made clear in their ad; that way you do not waste your time rejecting the item at their front door after driving all the way there;

kijiji_logo• I will often go see an item and if it does not entirely meet my expectations I will ask the person if they would be willing to reduce their price (I will do this even if they already lowered the price previously for me). Most people will still negotiate at this point because they are that much closer to getting rid of the item and you’re already there;

• As a reminder, be safe. I never meet someone without letting a family member know where I am going. If it is a smaller item I will ask the person to meet me in a public place.

That’s all for now. Until next time.