Over the last few weeks I have been sharing testimonies from members of our worship team.  They have shared about how being involved in this ministry has had a positive impact our their lives.  No matter where we serve in the church, as we sacrificially give of our time and talent, we not only honour God and bless others, but get so much back in return.  Phil Knapp is one of those people who consistently goes above and beyond.  Here are his thoughts on the worship ministry:

Phil Knapp 2“My first time visiting Westheights two years ago it struck me how passionate everyone is for worship. There is a strong and sincere heart for worship here that inspires me to give my best when I play guitar.   For me, music is really the most meaningful and intimate way to connect with God.  The worship night events are awesome.  They give me that extended time needed to shed the distractions and just focus on the words, the music, and God.”