With the start of the fourth week (25 days) of our Journey to the Cross experience, I just wanted to drop you a little note of encouragement. I’ve been hearing so many cool stories from around our community of what new things people are discovering about themselves and God through these new forms of prayers, and are feeling at times both stretched and strengthened by their experience. I read an awesome quote from John Wesley this week that when we fast and pray it’s as if we are, “…storming the throne of grace.” So keep running!

For some of you, it’s been difficult to keep up. With busy schedules and the (good) distractions of life, finding these ten minutes can be tough. Small kids, ringing phones, or just simple forgetfulness can make it hard to keep up with these habits. Here’s some tips for getting going again:

  1. Don’t fret about missing a day. None of the daily practices requires you to know something from the day before. If you missed a day, just start with today and try and keep going.
  2. Set a reminder. Put a time in your phone’s calendar to remind you, or post a sticky-note on your bathroom mirror. Put the book somewhere you’ll see it to queue your brain to take the time.
  3. Do it online. Some of you might find that the easiest time to do this is away from home. Use the digital version of the posts so you can find time anywhere.

I promise you that the more you keep at these activities, the more deeply you’ll desire them. You’ll even start to miss them when they’re gone… So keep at it – you’re doing great!