This year for Good Friday we are doing something different. It’s a new way to guide us through reflecting on Jesus’ journey to the cross. You have probably seen the posters for our Good Friday Experience and wondered, “What is that all about?” So let me give you a taste of what this experience will be like. There will be 12 stations set up throughout the church which you will visit in order. You can do this individually or as family, and you can go at your own pace. At each station there will be something to read and a small action to do. The actions are simple and nonthreatening, but meaningful and moving as we think about the series of events that led to Jesus’ death for us. These stations are appropriate for all ages. We encourage families to experience this together.

The church will be open from 8:00am – 12:00pm on Friday April 18 for this experience. You can come at any point in that time. You can expect your travel through the stations to take about 30-45 minutes. Here is an example of the instructions you will receive when you arrive, as well as the reading and action for the first station.



Welcome to our guided walk through the Journey to the Cross. We hope this event will give you space to reflect on the events of Jesus’ crucifixion in a unique and meaningful way. Just a couple of notes before you begin.


Please remain as silent as possible for the duration of the walk. Parents with young children are encouraged to explain the stations to your children, but use a whispering voice.


Take your time – there is no need to rush through the program. If someone behind you is going faster than you are, simply allow them to pass through the station ahead of you.


Some stations are interactive. If you feel uncomfortable participating in the activity, please feel free to simply watch or reflect and then move on to the next station.


Staff are wearing black shirts and nametags so that you can easily identify them and ask any questions you may have.


#1 – In the Beginning


In the beginning…
God Created…
And said,
“It is Good!”

“…all the beauty of the world, the beauty that calls our admiration, our gratitude, our worthship at the earthly level, is meant as a set of hints, of conspiratorial whispers, of clues and suggestions and flickers of light, all nudging us into believing that behind the beautiful world is not random chance but the loving God.” (N.T. Wright, For All God’s Worth)

“If we are created in the image and likeness of God, then whatever good, true, or beautiful things we can say about humanity or creation we can say of God exponentially. God is the beauty of creation and humanity multiplied to the infinite power.” (Fr Richard Rohr)


Post it notes on globeImagine the infant world in all its perfection.

Imagine what it was like when every single relationship (People with God, People with People, and People with Earth) was utterly perfect.


Take a moment to think of the good things God has created in this world. Write down a few of them on a post it note and stick it to the globe.

#2 – The Fall

#3 – The Garden

#4 – Betrayed By Judas

#5 – Condemned By Pilate

#6 – Denied by Peter

#7 – Whipped and Mocked

#8 – Nailed to the Cross

#9 – It Is Finished

#10 – Buried in a Tomb

#11 – Letting Go

#12 – Communion