THE BIG SABBATH!  This Sabbath is the biggest one of all – It’s Resurrection Day! It can be very easy to forget in the reflective period of Lent that Jesus is alive today. Easter is when we celebrate that death has lost its sting, we have eternal life in Jesus, and God is on the move in the world. Today, as you celebrate Easter, go all out – play music, dance, do some awesome air guitar – whatever you need to do to have fun! At some point during the day, gather those closest to you and share about how the last 40 days challenged and shaped you.

Here’s a final exercise for you on this last day of the Lent season, and the beginning to Eastertide, the days that birthed the Christian church.

You have a choice between two exercises:


Selfie Staff editedIt will take some teamwork to find all these items, so gather together some friends and get started! The first three teams/people to email photos of all of these items (include the names of the participants) to will win, so go quickly! Deadline is Tuesday April 29th, 2014. Your face, or a team member’s, must be in each photo.

  1. A street sign that starts with the letter L.
  2. A branch 1m in length (with a tape measure to prove it).
  3. A looney standing on its edge.
  4. A half-eaten Cadbury egg.
  5. A hockey stick in an unusual place.
  6. A live rodent smaller than a cat.
  7. An old, red and white OHIP card.
  8. A team member with crazy hair.
  9. A slice of pie.
  10. A selfie (a self-portrait) holding the 40 Days of Lent Prayer Book.



Tell your story from the last 40 days. It can be in writing, a photo essay, or a video. We want to know how this Lent season has challenged and shaped your faith. Selected entries will be featured on from April 22-25. Please let us know if you wish for your story to remain anonymous. Send stories to Three submissions will be selected at random for a thank-you gift!