Rare opportunity to see “Messiah’s Mansion,” a full-scale model of the Mosaic Sanctuary, the size you would have seen if you were alive in the day of Moses.

The Messiah’s Mansion traveling exhibit brings a chance to learn a little bit of ancient history through a living museum.  Travel back over 3,000 years into the desert between Egypt and Palestine where over two million people banded together to build a tabernacle for their God. Each element in the tabernacle had deep significant meaning to the Hebrew people and this tour will bring each symbol to life.

Presented by and operated by the staff and students of Oklahoma Academy in Harrah, Oklahoma, Messiah’s Mansion has been in operation since 2003. The students along with many volunteers have completed 78 exhibits in 27 states, Canada and Jamaica. No matter where the Tabernacle goes it is guaranteed to generate interest from schools, history buffs and families alike.

June 28 – July 6, daily showings from 1-7 pm. Tours run every 15 minutes, and last 75 minutes.

Cambridge Christian School, 229 Meyers Road, Cambridge, ON. Phone 519-740-2671.

Free Admission!