Most of the more obvious changes occurred on the outside of the church building this week, in particular the excavation of a massive hole – the first step of our surprise addition to the church, an outdoor Olympic size swimming pool. Just kidding, of course, although if we had experienced major rainfall or storms this week, it would indeed look like we had a swimming pool at the front of the church.

Kerry, of Frey Construction, requested that this blog post include photos of the deep holes that his crew had to dig in the basement of our church in order to prepare for our addition. This was a very difficult job as the men had to jack-hammer and dig through concrete and dirt, trying to avoid cutting critical pipes and wires. You’ll see, in the close-up of the hole in the basement floor, that despite their careful work, electrical wires were inadvertently sliced through. Apparently sparks literally flew. (Sorry but I don’t know the technical jargon!)