Hey, parents of toddlers, preschoolers and elementary-aged kids! You thought the unveiling was done? Ta-da! This Sunday you’ll be using our new electronic system to check your child(ren) in and out of rooms and programs.  Electronic check-in is simple and secure, and enables leaders to keep accurate records that will be needed in the case of emergency or evacuation.

Here’s how easy it will be:

  • when you arrive, enter your phone number to see a list of names in your household
  • check your child(ren) in with a few touchscreen taps
  • check yourself in too—if you’re volunteering that day
  • you’ll receive a printed label for each child—which your child should give to his or her leader


Name Tag

  • you’ll also receive a printed code—which you’ll scan to check your child out, so tuck it away and bring it back

security code

If you need any help with this process or have any questions, our Hub Crew will be standing by each Sunday to welcome you!

Now you’ll have to race your child to see who can reach the Hub first…