Dear Westheights: This is an exciting time in the life of Westheights Community Church as we come to the completion of Phase 1 of our 20/20 vision (our goals for the next six years) that we have called “greaterthings.” We have based our theme on Jesus’ words when He said in John 14:12, “those who believe in me will do even greater things.” We are planning on moving our services and programs back into our facilities beginning Sunday, Nov 16th and I am confident that you will be really excited about what has been accomplished.

I am truly grateful for what a generous congregation you are. Your generosity has made the greaterthings campaign possible. Your sacrifice keeps this ministry fulfilling its vision of helping people to find and follow Jesus. Your consistent gifts of time, talents and tithes make all the difference for our church as they equip us to be able to fulfill our vision. The most important thing is that we fulfill the vision that God has given this church to fulfill at this time and place in history, to help people find and follow Jesus.

Our greaterthings campaign reflects an important strategy for Westheights. Jesus tells us in the story of the sower that the church, when it shares the Good News of the Gospel, is like a farmer who spreads his seed on the ground. Some of the seed falls on harsh soil and some falls on soft soil. Only the seed that falls on the fertile soil takes root and grows. If you asked our children’s pastor, Charlene Neuman, she would readily reflect that the most fertile soil, those most receptive to the word of God, are often the children. They take in the words of truth which take root and grow in their lives. For that reason, here at Westheights, we have placed a high priority on ministry to children. The greaterthings campaign will allow us to continue that ministry in the best way possible. As you tour the lower level you will see that we have modernized and dramatically increased the amount of space for ministry to children. We are grateful for the 25% increase in sanctuary seating capacity and 65% increase in foyer space but the most important growth is the addition of 75% capacity in the children’s ministry area.

It is also a good time to remember that our building is simply a tool for more important purposes – impacting people. The real impact at Westheights is the one that happens when lives are changed. So many of you continue to tell me that the Sunday services, with the inspiring worship and down to earth sermons, are continually helping you to grow and follow Jesus in a deeper way. Equally as important is the transformation that happens in the lives of children and students through the amazing team of dedicated staff and volunteers and the House Church ministries and many service projects within our church family and in our local neighbourhood.

These events and programs are all possible because of your generosity. I greatly appreciate your consistent financial support to the ministry of Westheights on a week by week basis and over the past year we have been blessed as you have committed more than $600,000 to the greaterthings campaign. Therefore, I do not take lightly this request for a financial gift for our 2014 Anniversary offering.

If you are able, our Anniversary offering will be a time to give a special offering to help us further fulfill our vision. I am confident that you will prayerfully consider your participation and follow God’s leading in this matter. It is not the amount of your contribution that is significant, but what is in your heart. Even the smallest gift when given out of faith pleases God. Remember the story of the boy with two fish and five loaves. He gave what he had to Jesus, and Jesus multiplied it and fed 5000 people. Give what you can and trust God to multiply it.

We will celebrate our Anniversary on Sunday, November 30th. Let’s join together and celebrate God’s faithfulness over the past 36 years and look to the future of what God is still going to do.

Again, thank you for your gracious gifts of service, kindness and generosity. It is a wonderful privilege serving with all of you.

Todd Lester, Senior Pastor
Nov 2 2014