As we prepare for our first big Westheights event of the year – our ice skating party – we remind everybody that CSA-approved helmets are highly recommended for skaters under 18 years of age.

We are renting the entire Dom Cardillo rink for this event so it will be tempting for our derring-do skaters to take full advantage of all that open ice. In fact, we look forward to seeing everybody having a good time, whether that resembles a teetering, tentative crawl or an Olympic-speed race. However, we want to enjoy an accident-free party, too. So, this is a gentle reminder that CSA-approved helmets are highly recommended for our skaters under the age of 18.

For more information about helmet safety, click here.

Hockey players, please bring your own stick and any equipment needed.

DATE:  Sunday, January 11, 2015

TIME:  1-2 pm Family Skate, 2-3 pm Hockey

PLACE: Kitchener Auditorium, 400 East Avenue, Kitchener

COST: $5/person or $12/family for Family Skate; $10/person for Hockey. Please be prepared to pay at the door (both cash and cheques are accepted).

LUNCH: Brown-bag-it at the church! Bring your own bag lunch. We will provide light dessert, beverages, and have a microwave available at the church