Today’s blog post is mostly some videos and pictures of our day. It was a long day that started at the project worksite, moved to the town of Nindiri for kids program and ended at Ticuantepe for an evening church service.

From the photos you can see the progress on the shed we are building.

Here is an unexpected morning snack from Kervin.

Today we visited Nindiri 1 for the kids program.

We then travelled to Ticuantepe (Elsy and Favi’s home church) for the evening service. Here is Favi’s two year old nephew playing the drums after the church service, the little drummer boy. His parents had to drag him away from the drums to take him home to bed after the service was finished. Can you say prodigy?

After a long day, we stopped at Tip Top Chicken for dinner and got back to the hotel around 10 pm.

Thanks for praying for us and for the comments on the blog.  It is appreciated so much.