In our last effort at the worksite we had to install a concrete pad into the floor of the shed we had been building. First Thomas prepared the floor by making sure the ground was wet.

Then some of the roof needed to be installed to provide shade so the concrete did not dry too fast. Of course, in Nicaraguan style all of the concrete had to be mixed by hand.

Kervin gave us some instructions on how to mix the cement and we went to work. Water was required to mix the cement and everyone got in on the act (see picture of Sherry and Trevor at the water container).

With some very hard work by all involved we were able to get the floor complete before leaving the worksite. The shed was about 90% done and the two local workers were going to stay and finish it completely. We felt we had succeeded in our goal at the worksite.

According to the president of the Nicaraguan BIC Church, German Garcia, Westheights set the record for the most churches visited by a short-term missions team. Normally a team will visit 3 or 4 churches but we visited 10 in total.

Today was our last day of children’s ministry. It turned out to be a special day for all involved. We visited an area where German Garcia is planting a church. This church plant is in a very poor area of Managua as you may notice from the photographs. I think we were all taken aback by the level of poverty. It was definitely a lower level of living standard than the other areas of Nicaragua we had previously visited.

We had a great time and managed to get school kits to every child although it took a significant amount of effort from Sherry Main to accomplish this. The kids had a great time as you can see in the video.

German Garcia later reported to us that the visit to this area had proven very beneficial as it had generated a list of contacts for the church to follow up with as they attempt to establish a church in that community.

On top of that, in between our finishing of the concrete floor and the children’s program we met the Nicaraguan leadership team in their Managua offices. We spent a couple of hours discussing the needs of the Nicaraguan church and the ongoing vision for the ministry centre and camp in San Antonio Sur. It was a great time of discussion. Below is a photograph of our team with the leaders of the BIC Church in Nicaragua.
Group Photo