Today was an all day travel day as we began the trek for home. Many family members warned us via email of the bitter cold temperatures awaiting us in Canada which only made us savour our final few moments of Nicaraguan warmth even more. We left the hotel in Managua at 5:30 am and checked in for our flights. The hotel has a wonderful breakfast but the breakfast did not open until 6:00 am so we devised a method to check in at the mandatory three hours prior to our flight but also have our free breakfast. At 5:30 am we crossed the street from the hotel and checked in at American Airlines. After we checked in and printed our boarding passes we then went back across the road to the hotel and had our included breakfast. Following breakfast we went back to the airport and entered the security line. So we got our free breakfast and made it through security well before our boarding began for our flight.

All of our flights went very well and were on time. After we got our bags at Pearson we came to the worst part of the trip. After spending two weeks in temperatures that were in the low 30’s (celsius) we had to stand outside in the shuttle waiting area in -15 degree weather and wait for our shuttle to arrive to take us to the hotel where we had parked. Most of us did not have our winter coats so it was not enjoyable. After getting back to the hotel we dug the van out and fortunately is started no problem. Once we loaded our luggage in the van we headed for home. We arrived back to Kitchener around 8:00 pm. It was a long day but it went as well as could be expected.

We are all glad to be home.