Have you ever been in a worship service and thought, “I like this song, but I don’t know it very well.  It makes it hard to sing along”?

Here is a way that you can easily listen to the songs for Sunday morning … before Sunday!

Each week I will create a playlist of the songs for the upcoming Sunday.  I will do this on Spotify, a music streaming service that is FREE, easy to get, and easy to use.

Here is the music playlist for this Sunday March 8.  Click on this link.

This will open the Spotify site.  You will need to create a free Spotify account using your email address, or simply login if you already have a Spotify account.

If you want to access the playlist on your phone or tablet, simply download the free Spotify app to your device.  This is how I use it.

To listen to the music for free, you need to be connected to the internet.  (If you want to download the music to your device, there is a cost to that.)

I’m impressed with how easy Spotify is to use, and how easy it is to sign up.  Be careful, you might get addicted!

Playlist link:  Sunday March 8