Years ago, Gillian and I read about a youth group in the US that took their students to an indoor trampoline park that had dodgeball. We couldn’t believe something so awesome existed and were disappointed that (at that time) nothing of its kind existed in Canada. But it does now!

On Saturday April 18th, both our Jr. and Sr. High students are invited to play the best game of dodgeball ever! Skyzone is so awesome, it’s hard to describe, so here’s a video that shows it off.

Cool huh?

Skyzone! is only $20, which is a steal for so much awesomeness. A critical piece for this is their online waiver system, which has to be filled out before you come on April 18th. Please go to the link below and fill it out!

Skyzone Online Waiver

Skzyzone is in Mississauga, and so to cover the time to get there and back, we’re leaving at 9:30AM on Saturday, April 18th. We should be home around 12:30PM. Please wear comfortable clothes that you can get sweaty in – no jeans! Think of it like the best gym class you’ve ever gone to 🙂 . Socks are provided as part of our rental.