Did you know that some Christians think that a sense of humour is one of the spiritual gifts? In a survey done by the Barna Research Group it was found that over 20% of evangelical Christians claimed to have gifts that weren’t even mentioned in Scripture – things like a sense of humour, patience, a house (what?) and even the ability to compromise!

Many people are unaware of the many (over 23!) spiritual gifts that are mentioned in the Bible. More importantly, they may not realize that God has given at least one spiritual gift to each of His followers, to help fulfill the mission of His church.

Have you ever considered how God has specially gifted you? Would you be interested in learning more about the unique way that God has made you, and how He has equipped you to serve Him?

The Tuesday Night House Church Group (meeting at 57 Patricia Ave. @ 7:00) is inviting anyone interested in exploring this topic to a special 6-week study on Spiritual Gifts beginning on Tuesday, April 21st.

This program is adapted from material developed by Willow Creek Ministries. It includes a comprehensive look at spiritual gifts in the Bible and a number of evaluation tools to help you discover (or confirm) how your passions, personality, and gifts can come together to make you a more effective and fulfilled servant of Jesus.

Contact Terry Kreutzkamp (terrykreutzkamp@westheights.org) for more information.