We had a special guest speaker, Jay Smith, all the way from London, England.  With his engaging and interactive speaking style, he captivated and challenged us to better understand our Muslim friends and the Qur’an that they live by.

In his message, he referenced a video of himself and Dr. Shabir Alley debating  “Which is the Word of God? The Bible or the Qur’an?”  on Sept 27 , 2014. Below is the video, and at the bottom of this blog post you’ll be able to listen to his message to us at Westheights. Jay wanted to remind everybody that you don’t have to watch the entire three hours of the debate; his most powerful arguments occur in the first 50 minutes. If you would like to receive his email newsletters but didn’t get around to signing up when he was here, email us at the church office and we’ll forward your request on to Jay.

For Sermon discussion resources click here:    April 19 Sermon Resources

In a similar vein, read Nabeel Qureshi’s “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity” or view his video presentation: