Sign up by SUNDAY, MAY 31 to be a part of Westheights’ Secret Sisters. You will be assigned a “Secret Sister” to pray for and encourage throughout the year, and in turn, you will have a “Secret Sister” praying for and encouraging you! You will be provided with the name (and questionnaire) of a woman to support in the coming year in your mail file. (If you do not have a mail file, please let us know and we’ll be sure you get the information in another way).

If throughout the course of the year, you have new prayer requests, please let us know, and we will pass them along to your Secret Sister.

At the end of the Secret Sister year (May 2016), we will have an event where the identities of our Secret Sisters will be revealed!

Click here to download and complete the questionnaire (and be sure to sign the acknowledgment as well). Place your completed form in the box in the foyer, or in the mail files of Lauren Doherty or Cindy Jantzi, by SUNDAY, MAY 31.


  • Must be 18 years of age to participate
  • How often you contact the woman you are assigned is up to you; however, you should strive to contact her at least once a month. This way she knows that you are still thinking about her.
  • Pray for her! We all need prayer.
  • You don’t have to purchase gifts for the woman you are assigned – it is the thoughts and the prayers that count. Shower her with cards, notes and handmade items. Feel free to share a favourite poem or Bible verse. If you do choose to give a gift, keep it small and simple – we would recommend under $5. Some ideas include candy, baked goods, or teas. Remember her special days and let her know you are celebrating with her. Then arrange another person to deliver to your secret sister.

If you have any questions about the Secret Sister program, please feel free to contact Lauren or Cindy

(edit 2022: For privacy purposes, edits were made to the post)