Let’s face it – it’s getting cold outside. And what better way to bundle up and share the warmth of the season than by pulling on your adult-sized feety pyjamas and eating some pancakes!?

Our Jr. and Sr. High Christmas Parties are called “Cozy Christmas” for a reason – it’s going to be like Christmas morning – at night! Come in your comfiest, warmest pyjama pants. Compete in our Wildest Bed-Head contest. Eat LOTS of food. Plus there¬†will be games, giveaways and more!

While the theme is the same, each group will have their own party:

  • Sr. Highs on Thursday December 17th @ 6PM
  • Jr. Highs on Friday December 18th @ 7 PM

We’re upping our game with our gift exchange this year. Each group has a different focus for their gifts, so read carefully:

  • Sr. Highs, bring a $5 gift that is wrapped and can be used to make things.
  • Jr. Highs, bring a $5 gift that is wrapped and has to be wearable.

Both events are free, but we are asking people to bring their wrapped gift and a snack to share.

See you in December!