The refugee family we are sponsoring can arrive any day now, so the Westheights Syrian Settlement Team is working hard to get things ready for them. Now that we have found an apartment for the family, we are looking for a few final items to ensure the transition into their new home is smooth!

Here you will find a list of all the items we are still looking for (accurate as of Monday, Jan 4, 2016). This list will be updated, as items are donated:

  1. Vacuum cleaner
  2. Clothes hangers
  3. Laundry baskets
  4. Hamper
  5. Kitchen garbage can
  6. Curtains & rods
  7. Single bedding
  8. Front door mat & boot tray
  9. Coffee maker
  10. Floor lamp
  11. Oven mitts
  12. Alarm clock
  13. Toilet plunger
  14. Folding shopping cart
  15. Kitchen storage containers (Tupperware)

If you have any of these items to donate, please contact Heather Noble.

Once you’ve confirmed with Heather that these items are still required, then you can drop them off at the church portable office. Drop-off is Mon-Fri between the hours of 9-3 and we prefer that you call ahead of time (519-741-1986, ext 0) to ensure that Mimi will be there. Please only drop off items that you’ve confirmed to donate through Heather.


How else can you help? Please be sure to spread the word about our fundraising campaign by sharing our giving page with your family, friends and coworkers on via Facebook, Twitter and email. We have given you super easy tips on how you can do this, and have even provided the tools! Click here to access our Toolkit, and help us spread the word.