Invite your friends to Football Sunday this Sunday,¬†February 7 at 10:30 am. It is a unique event with presentations¬†about the move of God in the lives of professional football players and gives us a great opportunity to discuss Jesus in a way that’s relevant to our culture today. Even casual football fans celebrate football’s biggest game; let’s use the championship game day to show what life in Christ can be like.

Josh McCown, quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, shares his experiences of disappointment and delays in his career. His story is an example of the faith stories we will see on February 7th.

How many times have our hopes and dreams, plans and ambitions not gone the way we had wanted? Things just didn’t go the way we expected. There are paths and moments that you’ll cross in your life, and you won’t see them coming. How will you react? Will they be an inconvenience or difficulty, or will you join in with God in His mission and plan for your life?