It’s Prom time! Every year, our way of saying goodbye to the school year is with a big party. We’re talking a photo booth, frozen yogurt bar, games, prizes and a ton of fun. Not to mention our yearly rooftop photo and June Jamboree – our Smash Brothers tournament.

Our theme is: It’s Literally Prom. That’s right – it’s all about characters from your favourite book, comic book, or history text book. Join the Hogwarts house you’ve always wanted to be in, dress like Legolas, or strap on that Superman cape. You might want to read the Hunger Games through a couple more times for ideas…

Prom is Thursday, June 16th, taking place from 6:30PM until 9PM so we can get every last drop of fun out of the night. It’s free, but we’re asking everyone to bring either a snack or dessert to share.

Please note that this our last Sr. High program for this school year. But look out for the summer schedule coming out in the next few weeks.