… to the picnic! We hoped for a sunny sky at last Sunday’s picnic, and we definitely got that! However, we had the added bonus of blustery winds! Last year it rained, this year it blustered, but the weather didn’t affect everyone’s enthusiasm and good spirits. We may have lost a few burgers and potato chips to the wind but that just added to the adventure of a picnic in a gale.

The cotton candy machine and bouncy castle were big hits but ultimately, it was friendship and laughter that won the day.

Thanks to Jen and Chris King for organizing and running the event. The next time you see either of them, be sure to give them a high five.

As usual, a few items were left behind at the picnic. Our mascot, Blackbeary, has kindly volunteered to pose with the left-behind items. Please contact Mimi at office@westheights.org if they’re yours.

Picnic left overs 2016