I can say with certainty that our Jr. and Sr. High leaders are fantastic. They love kids and, more importantly, they each have a thriving and unique relationship with Jesus. And we thought, what better way to start off the school year than to get everyone in a room together and feed them bacon!

We really believe that connecting our students, our leaders, and their families together is incredibly important. We want to invest into those relationships by providing a fun and relaxed atmosphere for you to meet your student’s leaders, and for them to meet you.

Our SGL-Parent Brunch is on Sunday September 18th at 12PM, right in the Auditorium. There will be coffee, pancakes, bacon, some awesome fruit salad; as well as games and prizes!

More than anything though, this will be a great way to start the year. You’ll get a handout with every leader’s name and contact information, as well as get more information about the upcoming school year.

So if you have a student in Grade 6-12, see you this Sunday!

Parents, please note that you are welcome to bring your other kids along so we can meet them too! We want the significant daily people in our students’ lives together on the 18th, so please let us know who will be coming so we know we’ll have enough food.

RSVP TO: tomfenske@westheights.org

Even if you didn’t get around to telling us you’re coming, we’ll have more than enough food so come on over!