Thank you for your incredible generosity over the last number of weeks, months and even years! As we have partnered together in the ministry of Christ at Westheights you have supported the work through your giving to our yearly operational budget, our Greater Things campaign, our Syrian Settlement fund and much more.  As your leaders, we are constantly encouraged by your faithful generosity to the Lord’s work. Thank you!

I am not sure if you have ever stopped to reflect on the lasting impact we are having together on the lives of people – impact that makes a difference into eternity. Through your support at Westheights you are helping to bring children, students and adults into faith and into a deeper relationship with Jesus. You have helped us to create an environment where people can continue to explore their questions and grow in their spiritual life through meaningful worship services, a vibrant faith community, and many opportunities for serving. We regularly hear reflections from people about the spiritual growth they have experienced while at Westheights. We hope that is your experience as well.

Logo-Colour-Web_Transparent-300x183You will recall that to accommodate our growing community – especially in our children’s ministry – we had to take some big steps of faith. And there is much to celebrate! This December will conclude our three-year Greater Things campaign. It is our projection that we will receive more than the $600,000 that was pledged to Greater Things, over 100% of the congregational commitment. That is phenomenal! It is very encouraging to see such a tangible example of the commitment of our congregation.

At this time, it is our projection that we should end the Greater Things campaign with a mortgage of around $200,000 and it is our plan to pay off that mortgage within five years. Considering this was a project of one million dollars, we consider our church to be in a very good position as we come to the end of the Greater Things campaign and rejoice in this fact.

However, we do have one area of concern related to the finances of our church that we want to bring before you. Our operational budget is lagging behind based on year-to-date giving compared to previous years and forecasted expenses. As we look to the end of the year our projections show that at our current rate of giving it would mean that we could end the year considerably short of expenses. Our concern is that if we end our year with a budget shortfall we will not be able to empower our ministries, support our staff, and pay off our mortgage in the manner we are hoping.

We are asking you to consider helping us meet our expenses for 2016 and join with us to keep the ministry of Westheights vibrant and strong into the future. We have a great vision for the continued ministry of our church, and hope that we all can be a part of this by continuing to give generously.

If you have been giving to the Greater Things Campaign, perhaps you would consider continuing your level of giving, directing it to our general ministry? Or if you give occasionally, would you consider setting up giving through a systematic way? Over the last years our automated giving has really helped to provide a consistency to our budget – and it is greatly appreciated. Or maybe you have never taken the step to consider what it means to tithe and to be a part of the financial ministry of Westheights – here is your invitation and opportunity.

We believe giving is an extension of our worship to the Lord, and that we are all a part of this vital ministry and vision for the future. We invite you to prayerfully consider joining us on this continued faith adventure!

Thank you for your generosity to Westheights and we look forward to what God will do in our church family in the months and years ahead.

The Church Board



Feature Photo credit: Pen by Bedney Images