Hey, Moms and Dads! We’re coming up to the most wonderful time of the year! Spring has arrived – in sunshine and torrents! – and leaders have been hard at work planning for some Easter-sized moments for your Westheights Kid.

That means you can bring your kids along to our Good Friday experience! Childcare is provided for our infants, toddlers, preschoolers and JKers, in their usual areas. And your SK to Grade 5 kid has the rare and meaningful opportunity to observe YOU observing Good Friday. Does he know how much Good Friday means to you? What you look like when you’re reflecting on the death of your beloved Jesus? Has she seen you worship in response to His crazy love? Give thanks with Communion, in response to His sacrifice?

Don’t let the movin’ and shakin’ your child may do throughout the service stop you from giving him or her this special time of learning and belonging! We’ll hand you a special Good Friday Activity Pack for sermon time – age-appropriate activities and everything your child will need to take them on. Hint: Don’t give in and open it up early, or the fun may run out before the sermon is up!

If you’re wondering how to explain Communion to your child, drop me a message at kids@westheights.org, and I’ll send you some handy-dandy helps! Decide before you come whether your child will participate by sharing in Communion, or by observing YOU as you include Communion in your worship…

And of course we’ll see your child Sunday at 10:30AM for our annual Easter party!! It’s an Eggs-travaganza this year – a yummy celebration, and a special time to see, hear and feel the story of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Hope to play and munch alongside your Westheights Kid! Pickup time is 11:45AM as usual.