Why do we do things the way we do at Westheights? What is our vision for the future? What is an Anabaptist? Why do we sing the songs we do? What do I have to do to become a member? Come and explore what it means to commit to being a part of our community here at Westheights.

Explore Community is a 1.5 hour session, led by me (Todd Lester), to learn about the value of community at Westheights. Whether you’re brand new at Westheights, or have been coming for awhile but want to learn more about community here at Westheights, everybody is welcome.

To sign up, email me at toddlester@westheights.org or leave a message at 519-741-1986, ext 801, by Sunday, May 7th. I will organize a time that works for all who are interested.