We’ve got an exciting Jubilee experience for you in just 10 days! Jubilee is an all-ages worship experience, designed for you and your kids to sing, play, learn and pray together. And if you don’t have young kids to play with, come and re-experience being a child again! All grown-ups were once children but we’re not given many opportunities or excuses to play. So come to Jubilee and let’s celebrate God’s love together!

On Sunday, June 4th, Jubilee is once again coming to “regular church”. Grownups and kids will come together for music and more, separate for an age-specific teaching time, and come back together to say goodbye.

Our goal is for everyone from 2-92 to be moved to a deeper relationship with God and have a shared experience of his grace. As a worship experience, Jubilee is fundamentally different. Churches over the past few decades have used a model that separates the family during Sunday programs. We arrive at church and we all go to our own areas.

But, what if there was another way? What if, when we came together, we all stayed together? What if the church family and our own family were all together for a large part of our church experience? What if we had an all-ages worship experience? This is the vision of Jubilee.

Come check out Jubilee on Sunday, June 4th at 10:30am, and invite your friends!

Visit whatisjubilee.com for more information.