It is hard to believe but it has been one year since our Syrian family arrived. Our official commitment has ended to support this lovely family but I believe the relationships that were made will go far beyond.

We have faced many challenges throughout the year and the adjustment for our refugee family has not always been easy. But along with the challenges came great reward and accomplishments. The children have embraced school and English with open arms. When they first arrived they knew some letters and now we are able to have full conversations!

I know I can speak for everyone from Westheights to say that we wish them all the best with their future in Canada!

A special thank you to our awesome interpreters and to those on the Settlement team who gave tireless hours behind the scenes! Your commitment and perseverance have given this family so much!! (You know who you are!)

Thanks to all those around the world who have supported our team here in Kitchener with positive energy, prayers or Happy thoughts.
I am signing off with this last post today! It has been a pleasure to be able to share with the world what we have done! The world is so broken yet there is always hope, love and fellowship to those who want to give and those who want to accept it!