Have you ever wanted to know, or hear, a true contemporary story that came close to the stories in the Bible – of suffering, heartache, prison/injustice – for one’s belief in Christ and God’s truths, principles and promises? Well, Hiding in the Light: Why I Risked Everything to Leave Islam and Follow Jesus by Rifqa Bary is the “read!”

Beware!  You will not want to close the book until you follow this courageous girl’s story about her strong faith in Jesus!

Quote: “I deem it a privilege to carry my cross with all men and women across the globe who have paid and are paying a high price for declaring Jesus as Lord” (pg 217 of the Waterbrook Press edition)

Rifqa grew up in a devout Muslim home, having to abide by the Islam rules. She was born in Sri Lanka but her parents moved her and her brother to New York City after she had had a tragic accident to her one eye, as well as her uncle had defiled her sexually. Then her mother treated her scornfully as less of a daughter.

Eventually she meets people who lead her to Jesus and her faith becomes a source of freedom from the pain at home.

The writing is so clear, specific and impelling that the reader is drawn into the life of Rifqa Bary’s journey, called by God to follow Jesus; “experiences” the threats of her parents as she is “found out” and realizes she has to escape her home because of certain death from her father or the Mosque. At times it is a “hard read” as she is pursued by her father and put in jail, passed back and forth from foster homes from Ohio to Florida. But she would not deny or give up her decision to follow Jesus.

This book is a challenge as well as an inspiration to those who call themselves Christian!

Reviewed by Meg Slater of Westheights Community Church and proud supporter of the Resource Centre. You can find Bary’s book Hiding in the Light: Why I Risked Everything to Leave Islam and Follow Jesus in the Westheights Church Resource Centre.

Watch this powerful interview with Rifqa Bary. Click here.