Hey, Westheights! Do you play an instrument? Keyboard, violin, cello, brass, wind, drum or other percussion? Or something else? Have you ever wished you did?

Would you like to join an ensemble, and play worship songs together with other instrumentalists?

Our very own Rebecca Banman, music teacher and conductor, is offering you—musicians, or wanna-be musicians, in kindergarten through post-secondary—a chance to learn, play and minister through the wonder of music. Having your own or a rental instrument is ideal for this opportunity.

If you’re thinking YES! – That’s cool! – then contact Charlene Neuman, Pastor of Kids Ministry, or Tom Fenske, Pastor of Student Ministry, right now!! No commitment necessary, for the time being! Music, groupings and rehearsals will be determined as we gauge interest.

Rebecca Banman


Feature Image: Freepik Retro Music