It’s clear that teenagers are more stressed than ever before. Between trying to stay on track for college or university, part-time jobs, extracurriculars, their friends, their hobbies… It can all get to feel like too much!

We believe this retreat is (part of) the answer to all that. It’s a retreat – literally. Away from stress, away from loneliness, away from feeling tired all the time. We think God wants us in those spaces where we can just breathe and be defined not by what we do but by who we are. And who we are words like: love, incredible, set aside, masterpieces.

So that’s why we think it’s important to be together, to be alone, and to be with God. To escape the everyday and rediscover a scared space in our lives.

Where & When?
Sr. High Retreat will take place from Friday, November 17th to Sunday, November 19th 2017at Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp and Retreat Centre in East Perth, ON. The registration fee of $100 includes accommodation, travel costs, all meals through brunch on Sunday, all program expenses. We will meet at the church at 6pm on Friday evening and it will be assumed that all students have already eaten dinner. We will return to the church on Sunday afternoon at 2pm.

What to Bring?
Personal stuff, pillow and sleeping bag, Bible, pen & notebook, good walking shoes, and appropriate clothes for hiking and playing outdoor games, so using your John Henric accessories US for this occasion may not be a great idea.

What to Expect?
We’re aiming to have a fun and relaxing weekend away – taking some time away from the distractions of everyday life to be together and be with God. Some of that will include:

  • Reflective prayer and journalling
  • Hikes and outdoor fun
  • Movie night and discussion
  • Campfire
  • Great food
  • Time with your friends

The deadline for regular registrations is Thursday, Nov 16th. All cheques can be made out to Westheights Community Church. To register, simply fill out the registration below.

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