Have you ever heard of a Worship Circle? It’s a gathering of musicians and singers of all ages and abilities coming together to sing praises to God in a more intimate setting. And we’re going to have one here at Westheights the evening of Sunday, February 25th.

So we’re inviting everyone to join in and lend your voices and/or instruments in helping to create a joyful noise to the Lord. If you are just learning an instrument or if you’ve been playing for many years, all are welcome. While the evening will likely have a more acoustic feel (we’ll be meeting in the Great Room in the lower level of the church and will be using djembes and cajons for percussion, not a full drum kit) other instruments are welcome as well. And if you don’t play an instrument then please feel free to come and join in with your voice because we’ll need lots of people to sing along with us.

Song circles are also a great place to practice your instrument or learn from other musicians. We’re committed to creating a safe, relaxed and enjoyable environment for players or singers of all ages and abilities to explore and worship together.

Songs have already been selected and charts (with chords) will be distributed that evening. If you’d like to have them ahead of time for practice purposes, or just out of curiosity, then you can download them below. If you have any further questions then please feel free to contact me at terrykreutzkamp@westheights.org.

So bring your guitar or gong, your fiddle or flute, your tambourine or trumpet, your viola or voice, your banjo or bagpipes (well, maybe we need to talk about the bagpipes) and come join in the fun of a worship circle on Sunday, February 25th, starting at 7:00.

Pdf download of songs (including capo versions for guitar):   Worship Circles 1