This past week I was asked what my favourite Westheights event is. It took me a while to pick one…(Just one!??) But in the process, I realized that as much as I’m so grateful for the warmth and inspiration of our Christmas Candlelight services, for the energy and “togetherness” of Jubilee, and for the familiar, relaxed buzz of SO many “eat and connect” events, what I really love about them ALL is the thrill of God at work through us!

There’s nothing like seeing people being shaped by relationships, being willing to serve, being bold with their gifts – as they create environments where good things happen. (I call them Kingdom Spaces.) In Kingdom Spaces, people love, people heal, people find peace. And those who create them do all of these too. And they grow, as they find themselves leaning on the Holy Spirit to become more and more Jesus-like.

So my current answer to “What is my favourite Westheights event?” is the kid-led service at Forest Heights Long Term Care Centre. Because as we prep for it, we see kids (and their adult or student leaders) learn new skills, pray in new ways, see others in liberating ways…We see them encourage each other, stretch themselves, and depend on God to do the work they can’t. 6, 10 and 14 year-old leaders pop out of the woodwork and lead groups of all-ages – often last-minute – and Sr Highs realize for the first time that they are just as worship-minded and skilled as many adults.

Thank you, parents, and student and kid min leaders, for participating, and for all you do to help make our services at Forest Heights happen. The residents and their families invited us back even before we’d finished our service!