At Sunday morning’s service, Doug Braun read the following letter from Charlie Mashinter, Team Leader of Community Churches – Be In Christ Church of Canada. Doug is the Chair of our Westheights Church Board and part of the Pastoral Committee.

Doug Braun added the following, after reading Charlie’s letter:

“Of all the pastors that we interviewed, we only felt led to provide an offer to one candidate, and that was Josh Mutter. And of the 11 different people involved on our end, after a break for consideration and prayer, all 11 of us felt led to provide a call to Josh. And Josh and Michelle felt led to accept it.

“We confidently believe that this is God’s leading for the next phase in our journey at Westheights and we look forward to getting to know Josh, Michelle and their two boys, and in serving together with them. It will be interesting to see where the Lord leads us next!”


Charlie Mashinter, Chair
Christina Main
Dave Wigg
Doug Braun
Jenn Wiens
Joel VanWyck
Lindsay Adamson
Nel Slater
Neusa Barbosa
Shane Gallian
Suzanne Isaac

Attached is an audio recording of the announcement.